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Yocan Regen - Green

Yocan Regen - Green




The Regenis similar to Yocan’s other vape pens like the Evolve Plus XL or the Magneto. It's a little wider in circumference than your typical vape pen, but still very portable, at 4 inches. The Regen also has a wide, magnetically attached mouthpiece, and a built-in storage container on the base of the vaporizer.

TheRegen has a single power button that also controls the voltage strength. Above that hexagonal button are three small lights that indicate the current voltage level. It’s simple, clean design makes it easy to use and it looks nice and slick. The Regen’s big feature is that it includes two different atomizers, a dual-quartz coil and a triple-quartz coil. That means it is meant for more intense users rather than the casual consumer. 

Kit and Accessories

  • Yocan Regen
  • Dual quartz coil
  • Triple quartz coil
  • Dab tool
  • Hanging ring
  • USB charging cable

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 24 August, 2020.