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The Yocan HIT Vaporizer is a straight forward device that proves to be a solid alternative vaporizer. The HIT features a built in tank which can hold dry herb and pre-heat it within 30 seconds. The device itself features a single power/select button and dual adjustment buttons which make the HIT a breeze to manipulate. Turning on the device is a simple five clicks and utilizing a haptic vibrating sensor allows users to feel when the device is on/off, pre-heating and done with a session. On the OLED display users can easily identify whether they are in the 3min session or 5min session which enables users to customize their dry herb experience. The Yocan HIT also features a 1400mAh internal battery which can easily last all day. When the battery level gets too low users can charge the HIT with the included USB type-C cable. Adjusting the temp based output of the device is as simple as pushing the up and down buttons to the desired temperature. The HIT allows users to go anywhere between 200 degrees to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Included in the packaging is not only the HIT Device, but also a cleaning brush. As simple as dry herb devices may be, all of these items ensure users receive all of the pieces to get started and maintain their device. The HIT has a ceramic heating element which allows users a smooth and steady dry herb experience. With the HIT device featuring a 1400mAh built in battery, magnetic mouth piece and slim design users will be reaching for the HIT on the daily. As Yocan continues to redefine the Alternative vaporizer market segment, enthusiasts will continue to be satisfied in every Hit.

Please Note: This device is designed for Dry Herb; not to be used with any other media.

Product Specifications
  • HIT Battery
    • 200 to 480 Degrees Fahrenheit
    • 2 Session Variations
      • 3min Session
      • 5min Session
  • Zinc Alloy Construction
    • Single Button Firing System
      • 5 Clicks On/Off
      • Vibration Sensor
    • Dual Adjustment Buttons
    • Temperature Based Output
      • 200 to 480 Degrees Fahrenheit
      • Pre-Heat Capabilities
        • 30 Second Pre-Heat Time
    • OLED Display
      • Temperature Setting
      • Battery Life
      • Vape Time
    • Internal 1400mAh Battery
      • USB Type-C Charging Port
    • 1 Hour Charge Time
    • Magnetic Tank Cap
    • 510 Threaded
    • Cone Shape Mouth Piece
      • Magnetic
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Brushed Finish
    • Integrated Dry Herb Tank
      • Ceramic Heating Element
      • Quick Cleaning Capable
  • Built In Protections 
    • Compact Size
      • 117mm by 23mm
Product Includes
  • One HIT Battery
  • One leaning Brush
  • One USB Charging Cable
  • One User Manual

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