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Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer Blue

Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer Blue




About the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only.

The latest drop from Yocan is a dual-purpose vaporizer that gives you more freedom to do the things you like. The Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer is a dab pen that can accommodate both wax concentrates and thick oils. If you’re thinking it’s another pod vaporizer, you’re mistaken. The Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer is a capable pen that’s unique in both how it looks and how it functions. The Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer is outfitted with a battery that has a wedge at the side. The wedge houses the power button which gives the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer a unique aesthetic appeal. The wedge also serves an ergonomic function that allows easier use and operation of the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer making it an ideal on-the-go vaporizer. On the technical side of things, the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer’s battery boasts a decent 400mAh battery capacity which means that it can handle substantial daily vaping sessions in between charges. Speaking of which, the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer has an LED light that’s indicative of its current battery life. Should you run out of power, you can easily recharge the battery using an inclusive USB charger.

However, the main advantage of using the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer lies not in its aesthetic and ergonomic quality but in its ability to customize your sessions. The Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer is equipped with a variable voltage battery that can be adjusted using a dial at the bottom of the unit. A wide temperature range allows consumers, both advanced and beginner, to find a setting they’re comfortable with or one they can easily get used to. It’s a unique device that offers more than what the average dab pen can do. So, make sure to get the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer while supplies last and be the first few owners of this unique dual-purpose device.

Temperature with a Twist

The Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer offers a battery outfitted with a variable voltage setting. The voltage setting can be adjusted in small increments using the integrated dial at the bottom of the unit. Compared to the average dab pen that only offers three to four preset temperature levels at the most, the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer allows you to select any temperature level between 1.8 to 4.2 volts. This opens up a wide range of effects and results as you heat your wax concentrates to various temperature levels that way beyond the average dab pen can offer. Having this much option is simply mind-blowing especially for a device this small and at this price point. It's as good as having a vaporizer that offers precision temperature control. And, the dial also makes for a simple and straightforward means of changing the temperature level making it ideal for both beginners and advanced consumers alike.

Aside from the wide temperature setting, the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer also offers a pre-heat mode that allows the battery to expose the extracts to a low powered heat level that’s enough to melt wax as well as hardened oils so they can be vaporized at a moment’s notice. The pre-heat mode works both for consuming wax concentrates as well as 510-threaded cartridges. The pre-heat mode will help you prepare the wax concentrates so you can get fast results if you’re dabbing on-the-go. You don’t have to wait for several seconds for the heating element to ramp up and reach vaping temperatures. With the preset temperature settings, you get fast and effective vapors the moment you press the button. When using cartridges, the preheat setting helps you unclog the cartridges and promotes better airflow when vaping. This way you get comfortable draws and seamless sessions even when you’re out and about.

So, if you want to enjoy unparalleled temperature control without breaking the bank, make sure to try the brand-new Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer.

Compatible with 510-Cartridges

The Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer does not come with a refillable cart but it comes with an extra magnetic adapter that allows you to use compatible 510-threaded cartridges on it. Instead of buying two vaporizers to use with various types of extracts, the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer lets you enjoy the value of two vaporizers for the price of one. This way consumers who like vaping on flavorful thick oil cartridges, as well as potent wax concentrates, can enjoy the best of both worlds in one simple and straightforward unit. Furthermore, you can enjoy the benefit of using the battery’s wide temperature selection not only in dabbing your select wax concentrates but also in consuming your favorite CBD oils.

Because of the magnetic connection, changing between the atomizer and your select cartridges is made simpler. You just remove the atomizer and slide the cart in. It reduces the time in changing the heating elements and makes for an ideal device to use when you’re out and about. The ability to change the type of material you’re consuming from wax to oil makes the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer an ideal portable vaporizer for both medicating patients and recreational consumers. If you need to consume vapors and reap the benefits of your oil’s curative effects, you can just pop in a cart. And, if you need to dab with your concentrates with its psychoactive effects, you can put on the atomizer and start dabbing.

The Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer comes with everything you need including a dab tool and a charging cable so all you need is your carts and your wax to start rolling. It's an all-inclusive system that lets you enjoy the benefits of consuming a wide range of materials and experiencing various effects simply by changing the temperature settings which were designed and engineered to be simple and straightforward.

The Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer is a unique portable vaporizer that lets you be who you want to be. Make sure to get the Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer today and experience the difference of using a dual-purpose vaporizer with a wide temperature range.

What’s in the box: 1 x Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer 1 x Quartz Dual Coil 1 x Magnetic Adapter 1 x Dab Tool 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual

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