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OG Vape Pen: Original OG Pen

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Travel Protective Zipper Case

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The OG Pen No.1 delivers truly original innovation in a tried and true form. Both the battery and heating element are compatible with many other major brand-name vaporizers while offering an unparalleled take on something familiar. We started by removing the superfluous wick, what was the smoke coming off of that nylon anyway? We then wound the heating element tighter than ever before creating more surface area exposure. The post was replaced with ceramic and any metal that we couldn't 86, got plated in gold. The element was then turned vertically to force a more natural flow of melting lipids. Instead of having built-up material caked at the top of your cartridge, the O.G. heating element melts your essential oils evenly to completion. Cleaning is as simple as vaporizing. When the element has reached temperature, simply pour excess oils onto a rag or paper towel. If you are looking for the absolute best portable vaporizing experience and are otherwise unwilling to compromise for style, look no further.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 June, 2014.