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Bastone: Atman Mantis Mechanical Pipe Travel Kit

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Keep Your Smoke To Yourself

Personal Air Filter: Sploof

Travel Protective Zipper Case


Everything you need in 1 kit! You have the mantis mechanical pipe possibly the best pipe innovation of the past few years, a sharp card grinder, a lighter and protective travel pouch. To truly appreciate the genius of the Mantis pipe, you must see it in action, check out our page to watch the video. This Mantis will give you fresh puffs each time, without you having to touch your dry. You can keep your hands clean and not smell. For those of us who like to keep our business our business, this is a great portable easily concealable, easy to store and pull out to use at a moments notice. Great for on the go!

Atman Mantis Pipe Premium Mechanical Dry Vape Pipe, a portable mechanical metal pipe for dryon the go, easy to load and clean.
How to use: Fill the glass tube with ground stuff
Kit Includes
1 Pipe
1 Storage Tube
1 Raw Clipper Lighter
1 Protective travel zipper pouch

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 04 May, 2017.