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Atman Almighty V2 Vaporizer

Atman Almighty V2 Vaporizer

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1.Ceramic plate and quartz heating chamber combination, to make a more flavor of loose leaf or extract
2.The biggest point is the inside grinder design, created a new vaporizer stage
3.Heating chamber can be taken out of the device with magnetic design, easy to clean
4.Changeable smooth mouthpiece without heater
5.Temperature control system ranges from 200℉–510℉
6.Huge and enough vapor, with 2200mah Li-ion battery makes you enjoy the device well

How to use:
1.Turn on/off: Click the power button for 5 times to turn it on/off. (The fixed working model is for loose leaf)
2.Model change: Click the power button for 3 times to change working model.
3.How to work: Setting the desired temperature with “+” or “-” button, and then hold the power button for 3 seconds. After 30s then you can go ahead to vape.(working time is 5 mins)
4.Restart work: If you want to keep vaping after first round, hold the button for 3s again.

1. Open the grinder, and load loose leaf(don’t over 1gram)
2. If you don’t need the grinder, you can open the bottom magnetic cap, and then load loose leaf into the quartz chamber, then recover the cap.

With micro-usb charger, it will take 2 hours to fully charged.

How to clean:
Open the magnetic cap on the bottom of the device, pour-out the hash from the quartz chamber. Then use the cleaning brush to clean up residue. And you can also clean it with alcohol.

ATMAN Almighty V2 is back with 1 year warranty.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 May, 2017.