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VapeBrat Vape Pen Water Bubbler Q2

VapeBrat Vape Pen Water Bubbler Q2

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The Bastone Beaker Vape Pen Water Bubbler Q2 is the premier water bubbler made with a larger percolator which is completely submerged and heba diffuser like for the smoothest experience on the go. It can be used with any dual quartz, triple quarts, ceramic donut, ceramic rod coils , some of which include a protective cover to keep glass cleaner. The Splash Guard coils can burn your concentrates at ideal temperature for a hit that is comparable to a dab rig.

Ideal for concentrates
Splash Guard Coil for less splatter
Hand blown glass
Optimal airflow
Made with percolator
Deep chamber

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 July, 2018.