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Vape Brat

VapeBrat Diesel Tank 5-Pack Concentrate Replacement Coils



The Vape Brat Diesel Tank is built to perfection. The 4 coil styles were engineered for all types of Vape Brat's.

We have our "Low Temp Vape Brats", who enjoy the Ceramic Donut

Our "Cloud Chasing, Lung Busting Vape Brats" who enjoy the Dragon or Flat Ribbon Coil.

And our Newbie VapeBrats who are looking for a smooth initial experience with the Single TI.

Either way you go, understanding what settings to have your vape on is most important! It's all about the Voltage Baby! 2.25-4.25, the higher the voltage the bigger the cloud, the lower the voltage, the lower the cloud.

How do you raise or lower the voltage?


Raise or lower the Wattage hombre! the Lower the wattage, the lower the voltage, the higher the wattage, the higher the voltage.

Vape Brat Out

(mic drop)

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