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Vapebrat Universal Vape Bubbler Attachment Q2

Vapebrat Universal Vape Bubbler Attachment Q2




The VapeBrat Q2 UNIVERSAL VAPE PEN WATER BUBBLER ATTACHMENT is a must have for any vape pen user. It is the original and premier vape pen water bubbler on the market.  Scientifically designed and constructed with actionable diffusers for smaller bubbles, great chop, and ultimately the smoothest hits. Whether for medicine or recreation, this is the attachment you want, need and will use every darn day. When equipped with our deluxe silicone adapter, the bubbler can be used with 99% of the vape pens on the market!

  • Attaches to 99% of vape pens on the market today

  • Great for those who can't handle the strength of a vape pen

  • Ultimate Diffuser Water Filtration

  • Place in freezer for chilled puffs

  • Smooth & Huge Hits

  • Hand blown glass

  • Optimal airflow

  • Diffuser Design


The story of the VapeBrat Bubbler begins several years back. Being one of the biggest distributors of wax pens in the country, we kept hearing feedback from our customers who suffered from cancer. They found that when taking their medicine from one of our many wax pens there were diminishing returns.

Each time they would take their medicine it would be too harsh, and they would inevitably cough. Due to the frailty their condition had caused, they would end up in more pain rather than enjoying the relief they need.

Made with the all of Wax Pens we carry in mind, the VapeBrat Bubbler has a universal adapter that fits onto any major wax pen or tank, including our heavy-hitting Diesel Tank.


With a variation of styles, each VapeBrat Bubbler is made with diffusers, providing the ultimate filtration experience, and an incredibly smooth hit.


For those who want an even cooler experience, you can place your VapeBrat Bubbler in the freezer, take it out after a few minutes, and enjoy an icy cold dose of your favorite medicine.


So we decided to fix that.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 05 November, 2020.