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Mega V2 Oil, Wax, Concentrate Premium Vapor Cartridge

Mega V2 Oil, Wax, Concentrate Premium Vapor Cartridge

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Travel Protective Zipper Case


Mega V2 Oil Cartridge

e V2 Mega Oil Cartridge is the premier cartridge for oils, waxes, and

concentrates on the market today. It holds over a gram of concentrate,

providing unrivaled capacity and performance. e wickless design

provides superior avor compared to competitor cartridges, and the wide

mouth design prevents clogs and makes it easy to ll.

e Mega V2 Oil Cartridge features:

Use with essential oils, waxes, and other full-melt concentrates

>1.0 gram capacity

Reusable (30+ re lls)

Stainless steel body with Kanthal A1 heating element

Works with all Gentleman’s Brand pens and any 510 thread / eGo-style battery

Aluminum Mouth Tip

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 June, 2014.