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Scorch Torch Jet Flame Multipurpose Butane Torch - Black

Scorch Torch Jet Flame Multipurpose Butane Torch - Black




Scorch Jet Flame Windproof Multipurpose Butane Torch 51571

Multiple Application For

Cigars and Cigarettes
And more…
Key Features

2500 Degree F (1300 Degree C) Adjustable Flame
Easy Piezo Ignition
Safety On/Off Switches
Usage Instructions
How to Depressurize and Refill:

Before refilling, depressurize first. Failure to depressurize before refilling may cause damage, defects and may cause a fire and/or Explosion.

First, hold your torch with the refill valve facing up. Depress the refill valve with a small screwdriver and hold for approximately 10 seconds.
Place Butane Fuel can nozzle into the refill valve and depress the can several times with a firm yet gentle pressure until your torch is roughly 80% full (approximately 10 seconds)
Note: When refilling, keep torch and butane can vertical. Be sure butane can nozzle is correctly seated in the filling valve before depressing the nozzle. Fuel tank capacity may vary.
Before using torch, wait approximately 10 to stabilize, and any vapors to dissipate. If torch is ignited during this waiting period, it may damage your torch or cause a fire and/or explosion.
How to Use the Torch:

Butane sold separately.

1- to turn on: Press ignition butane to ignite. Be sure to point torch AWAY from other objects.
2- Adjust the flame as needed by using the adjustable flame control at the bottom of the torch to turn +/-
3- Turn on the flame lock to have continues flame as needed, unlock to turn off.
4- To turn off: release the ignition butane.

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