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Smokit 5 in 1 Modern Dugout: Glass



The Smokit 5 in 1 Modern Dugout (Glass Version) offers possibly the fastest, most convenient and efficient way of smoking on the go. With revolutionary technology, the old fashion wooden dugout has been brought into the 21st century. No longer will you lose precious tobacco trying to place it into the dugout, simply grind straight into the container. The next common problem was having leftover tobacco at the bottom of the dugout, which was impossible to get out! No more is that the case, simply open the storage compartment for full exposure and easily pour it out. The well stored glass pipe and dab tool do not hit into each other and are able to travel safely with you, ready to be used at anytime. There is an also a concentrate compartment for our concentrate lovers.

Kit Contents:

1 Card Grinder

1 Glass Pipe

1 Dab Tool

1 Tobacco Storage Compartment

1 Concentrate Storage Compartment

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 27 April, 2018.