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ISO Station V2 Glass Dab Station - Cloud Cover Glass

ISO Station V2 Glass Dab Station - Cloud Cover Glass




ISO Station V2 Glass Dab Station 

A must have accessory for all of your dabbing & cleaning tools. The ISO Station is designed to store your cotton swabs and isopropyl right where you need it for every session. Easily maintain your bowls, inserts, nails and bangers. Get the most flavor and best experience from your oils with a clean dabbing surface every time.

Other items shown(carb cap, dab tool, cotton-tips) besides the Iso Station are not included.


  • Made out of Glass
  • Slots for:
    • Dab Tool
    • Bubble Carb Cap
    • Cotton Swabs
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • 14mm Male Banger or Bowl


  • Contains All Dabbing Accessories In One Place 
  • Storage Glass Dab Station
  • Sturdy Flat Bottom 
  • Quick Cleaning Station 


  • 1 x ISO Station

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 March, 2022.