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King Palm - Slim (1.5 grams) Cordia Leaf Roll in Tube

King Palm - Slim (1.5 grams) Cordia Leaf Roll in Tube

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Palm King Slim Tube


The New Slim Palm, cones, prerolled, hand-made with a sheet of pure Cordia (Borage) totally natural. The Leaves of the King Palm are made of 100% TOBACCO-free, WITHOUT ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES, AND GLUES.

The tube contains 1 cone rolled by hand, with the nozzle of corn fiber and manufactured with sheet of pure Cordia, free of tobacco. Packaged in a tube, squeese, which is opened by squeezing the sides so you do not lose any property and are better preserved. Includes a stick ricer King Palm.

Combustion super slow motion, the blade has an earthy flavor and soft that it does not alter the flavors.

Contains a filter 100% of shell corn. You'll be able to bite or squeeze the filter to a puff strict which will cause coolant smoke.

- Quantity: 1 cone prerolled Slim size in plastic Tube.
- Size:  Size SLIM
- Capacity: 1.5 gr per cone
- 1.5 gr

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 October, 2020.