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King Palm - Mini (0.8 grams) 2 Pack Cordia Leaf Rolls - Magic Mint

King Palm - Mini (0.8 grams) 2 Pack Cordia Leaf Rolls - Magic Mint

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King Palm 2 Mini Rolls - Magic Mint Flavor

The New Flavored King Palms offers all the great features of the original King Palms while introducing the option to Activate their amazing flavors by simply squeezing and popping their corn husk filter. The leaf rolls are mint flavored.

  • Just Fill It – Tightly compress your choice of herbs, but without using extreme force. Use a semi-chunky grind for maximum flavor. King Palm leaf wraps have a very mild earthy taste and do not alter the flavors of the herbs you are using.
  • Super Slow Burning - Real Cordia Leaf Free of: Tobacco, Glue, Flavors, & Additives.
  • Hand-Rolled Leaf and Hand-Rolled Corn Husk Filter  Bite or Squeeze the filter for a tighter draw and cooler smoke. King Palm makes and uses the World’s Strongest Corn Husk Filter. 
  • Size: 105mm tall (appx. 4.5 inches)
  • King Palm Mini Rolls hold approximately 0.8 grams each

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 October, 2020.