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Stratus DUO Digital E-nail System

Stratus DUO Digital E-nail System




This inventive device is a convenient desktop unit designed to heat up your nail through customizable digital temperature control, ultimately making it safer as well as easier than your traditional torch. Featuring temperature regulators, titanium and quartz nail as well as a titanium carb and cap dabber, this e-nail will deliver an unparalleled experience. Simply place the coil around your favorite nail on your rig and set it to your perfect temperature. The heat will stay consistent and even after your dab, making it ideal for any group setting or even solo. The Stratus e-nail includes a 14/18 male and female titanium nail, carb, cap, controller and 16mm size coil wire. Enjoy your concentrates like never before with the help of the Stratus e-nail.


Controller Device
Heater Coil
25m 2 in 1 Quartz Banger
Glass Carb Cap
Glass Converter Female to Male
Heater Coil Cup
Hanger Hooks
Power Cable
Stratus Dabber
Safe and Easy to use 

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 June, 2021.