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G9 Henail Plus Portable E-Nail Vaporizer - Gold

G9 Henail Plus Portable E-Nail Vaporizer - Gold

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The G9 Henail Plus is the first edition of Greenlightvape's portable enail rig. It was designed to be the future dabbing device for oil or concentrates. Now, the dream has come true.

No butane torch, No power cable, No heating coil. With a waterproof solid plastic travel case, you can take it anywhere, and use it anytime as you wish.

Food grade ceramic heat base and ceramic nail, Grade 2 Titanimun chamber, Borosilicate glass bubbler, ECO dabbing.


(Please fully charge device before using)

1)The power button shows a white light when the device is being charged, when it finishes charging, the light turns green.

2)Quickly press the button 3 times, the device starts heating with white light, after 15 seconds, the light turns to green when the device is ready for dabbing.

3)Always press the power button 3 times to start up or shut down the device.

4)The power button light will flash 5 times when the battery is low and 3 times if there is ever a short circuit.

Technical specification:

One button operation

3 Click ON/OFF locking system


1) Titanium nail mode

Starting temp: approx. 600℉(316℃)

Maximum temp: approx. 930℉ (499℃)


2) Ceramic nail mode

Starting temp: approx. 580℉ (304℃)

Maximum temp: approx. 910℉ (488℃)


Please avoid heating device more that 5 times continuously to avoid the possibility of the unit getting too hot.

Kit  includes:

1x G9 Henail Plus  with Li-Ion battery - 18650/2500mAh

1x Magnetic stainless steel carb cap with removable dab tool

1x USB charger

1x Magnetic stand

1x Grade 2 Titanium nail

1x Ceramic nail

1x Quartz nail

1x Glass pipe attachment

1x Waterproof plastic solid case

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