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G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit - Silver

G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit - Silver

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The G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit Includes:
1x GDip Electric Nectar Collector Body
2x Ceramic Heating Tip
1x Glass Bubbler
1x Cleaning Swap
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x 5ml Silicone Container For Concentrates
1x User manual
1x Pelican Case
The G9 Electronic Nectar Collector Technical specifications:
5 clicks to start on/off system
Li-Ion Battery 16450/1000mAh
Battery Level Indicator
Spill-Proof Glass Bubbler
Built-In Overheat/short-circuit Protection
Instant-heat Coil
Ceramic Vapor Tip
Quartz Vapor Tip
Compact & Durable Design
How To Use This Electric Nectar Collector Kit:
Firstly, make sure the device is fully charged before operations.
1. Fill the glass bubbler to 1/4 level with water through the mouthpiece opening.
2. Connect the ceramic tip to the GDip body.
3. Attach the glass bubbler to the opposite end.
4. Quickly press the power button 5 times to start the system. The LED indicator lights(Red&Green) will flash 5 times.
5. Hold the button, and wait for a few seconds to pre-heat. While holding the button, lightly touch the vapor tip to your desired essential oils or concentrates. Then gently enjoy through glass bubbler mouthpiece.

During heating, the LED indicator lights will stay in red or green color. The green light shows the battery level is over 50%, and red light shows the battery level is less than 50%.

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