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The Original Aquarium Hookah (1 Hose)

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***The Best Holiday Hookah Gift!***

Plug the Aquarium in and watch as the entire hookah lights up.

It's crystal stem shines as the illuminated base lights up the room. This is every Hookah smokers dream hookah, and hookah bars can't seem to get enough of them. 

You never have to change batteries with its plug-in feature.

Available in Single and Double Hose, the Double Hose Aquarium also comes with a traveling case.

Check out the Aquarium Video

and for concerned wildlife folks, no the fish are not actual fish, and you can remove them.

***Featured in HighTimes Magazine August 07 Gear Section***
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Stem: Stainless Steel 

Base: Acrylic

Hose: Modern 6 FT

Height: 27"

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 18 April, 2010.