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Build Your Own Beginners Hookah Set

Build Your Own Beginners Hookah Set



your hookah for months Looking for the perfect hookah gift? With our build you own set, you can choose from all of our beginner hookahs, get a carton of charcoal and a carton of Shisha for one low price. You'll get everything you need to use to come. Save with our Hookah Sets.

Save Over 20% Off any Hookah when you get a carton of Shisha and Charcoals.

Select your choice of Hookah, Hookah Charcoals, Hookah Shisha and loads of accessories.

Receive with this package:

1 Hookah (Any number of Hoses 1 , 2 3, 4)

2. Hookah Shisha - choose your size and flavors, 500 grams = 5 packs, 1000 grams = 1- packs)

3) Hookah Charcoal Carton , Choose from our long list of charcoals from natural coconut coals to quicklight originals.

4) Perfect Hookah Hole Puncher, perfect hookah hole's every time.

5) Snap on wind cover - hookah bowl and charcoal protector. your coal with never knock off!  

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 December, 2010.