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Small Hookahs

Small Hookahs Are The Perfect Travel Companion, Especially the New Portable Hookah Pipe (Hookah Pens)

A small hookah clocks in between 10 and 14 inches in height, from the hookah vase to the top of the bowl. Despite their small size, small hookahs, sometimes referred to as mini hookahs or portable hookahs, still make for a perfect smoking session. Their small size makes for fast cleaning and our small hookahs are easy to port around in a backpack, messenger bag, or suitcase. Small hookahs only take moments to set up and will ensure that you are the hit of the party when you show up with one. All of our small hookahs come in a set which include , bowls, tongs, all cleaning supplies, and two flavors of . All of our small hookahs are Sahara brand hookahs, a top quality brand. HookahShisha.org offers small Sahara hookahs at a price lower than any other retailer online.

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