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BLUE Khalil Mamoon 33" Hookah Single hose

BLUE Khalil Mamoon 33" Hookah Single hose

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The legendary Khalil Mamoon has long been recognized as the creator of some of the highest quality hand made hookahs to ever come out of Egypt. They are famous for their authentic and beautiful Egyptian craftsmanship, sturdy design, decorative and unique hoses, and their smooth but powerful draws. This unique 33" hookah has an expertly crafted chalice style stainless steel shaft and comes with an ultra long (72") luxury hose to match the hand painted extra large vase, built is as sturdy as they come, which completes this marvel of hookah craftsmanship. Another expertly made Khalil Mamoon hookah masterpiece.

Khalil Mamoon is one of the most famous and notable hookah manufacturers in Egypt. The hookah consists of a dual tone Khalil Mamoon stem along with traditional Egyptian glass and hose. This hookah is named after the heart-shaped motif in the middle of the stem

Hookah Features:

Height: 33" 
Hose: 72” 
Extra large base 
Weight: 10 lbs.

Included with this Hookah:

1 Charcoal tong 
1 Large clay bowl 
1 Khalil Mamoon stamped charcoal tray 
Includes Syrian style hose
1 traditional style Egyptian hand painted vase 
1 Stainless Steel Shaft 
1 Rubber base supporter (adds stability while smoking) 
1 Cleaning brush 
Rubber grommets


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* Each Glass Vase is individually hand crafted and painted, no two are alike. There may be a slight difference in the design and shade on the glass, from the one shown above. The Hose is also affected, making sure to have it match the paint on the vase.

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