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FLORIDA Hookah Shop

Welcome to our new Florida Hookah Shop!

Faster cheaper shipping to the entire Southeast!
Every hookah is available as a Single, Double Triple, Quad, 5 & 6 Hose Hookah!
High Egyptian quality hookahs, with a new patented screw on design,
increasing the quality, smoke, ease of cleaning and the overall life of your hookah 10 fold.
Each Hookah Comes with over $45 in free Accessories.

  • A 2nd hose + Adapter ($18 Value)
  • 250 Grams of new Steam Stones Shisha ($15 Value)
  • Cleaning Brushes ($5 Value)
  • Charcoals ($2 Value)
  • Hookah Tongs ($5 Value)
  • Every Hookah comes with a screw on glass base
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