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7" STAX® Coil Showerhead Base - Clear

7" STAX® Coil Showerhead Base - Clear


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7" STAX® Coil Showerhead Base made on 65mm tubing with a 34mm plastic joint clamp and 14mm STAX® Funnel Bowl. Fits any STAX® perc or mouthpiece.

The STAX coil showerhead base is 7" tall and made on 65mm tubing. The base's central perc cools smoke as it travels through the coil before diffusing the smoke through the internal showerhead downstem. The showerhead base comes with a 14mm STAX funnel bowl and can accommodate any STAX percolator or mouthpiece. This base works best with approximately 3" of water.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 October, 2017.