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Pioneer Pineapple Novelty Hand Pipe

Pioneer Pineapple Novelty Hand Pipe




It's no surprise that we're kind of pineapple obsessed. It is the perfect fruit to eat on a hot day and, of course, it is the queen of all fruits because of its crown. In the south, Pineapples symbolize hospitality so why not give your dry herb the same feel with the Pioneer Pineapple Novelty Hand Pipe. This beautifully designed hand pipe gives you a realistic feel with the criss-cross pattern embedded in the glass and 3D glass bubble ornamentation that not only completes the whole look but allows you to have a comfortable grip on the piece. The crown of the pineapple features glass leaf designs and a carp cap on the stem giving you a steam roller structured piece. The small size of this hand pipe allows you to stay discreet and travel with ease and style. Pick up the Pioneer Pineapple Novelty Hand Pipe

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 21 August, 2020.