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Formula 420 Smog Out Smoke Eliminator 2oz

Formula 420 Smog Out Smoke Eliminator 2oz

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Smog-Out neutralizes harmful smoke particles and leaves the air clean and fresh. We understand the whole point of using a spray is to eliminate unwanted odors, not just to cover it up with a stronger fragrance. So, when it's essential to get rid of that smell, Smog-Out works instantly. Directions: Shake well before each use Spray into air to neutralize unwanted odors or simply spray directly on area where odor is coming from for superior results. IDEAL USE: Room Sanitizer COLOR: Clear SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Spray to eliminate smoke odor, foul smells and to sanitize the area. Repeat as necessary. Over 700 Sprays Instant Results Earth Friendly Easy To Use Made with natural ingredients Removes Unwanted Odors From: Home Dorm Office Automobile Carpets Party Fouls

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 November, 2020.