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Formula 420: Bling Glass-Metal-Ceramic Cleaner 16 fl oz

Formula 420: Bling Glass-Metal-Ceramic Cleaner 16 fl oz



Bling All Natural is an environmentally safe pipe cleaner made with 100% all natural ingredients. This 1-minute pipe cleaner is formulated to clean Pyrex-Glass, Metal and Ceramic pipes in under a minute, without the hassle of scrubbing, or waiting long-hours to soak – thanks to its Abrasive Action™ shake clean technology. Simply, place pipes in an air-tight bag with a mixture of Bling than shake for 1-minute. Enjoy clean fresh-scented pipes.

Quick & easy to use
Cleans and deodorizes in seconds
For us on Glass, Metals and Ceramics
Earth friendly and Biodegradable
Bling! makes your glass shine instantly

Shake Bling! bottle
Pour an equal amount of cleaning crystals and liquid into item being cleaned.
Cover all opening of item and shake for up to 60 seconds or until desired cleanliness is achieved.
Rinse item thoroughly under warm water.
Wash Hands after each use.
For smaller items, place item being cleaned into a sealable bag to prevent leakage, then follow directions above.

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