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Errlectric Quad Concentration Station

Errlectric Quad Concentration Station




Errlectric® QUAD Concentration Station™ e-nail powers and controls up to four different Errlectric® heater coils from one vaporizer control unit! Each heater has independent temperature set-points and control. Turn on all of the heaters at once with two quick button presses, or turn them on or off independently. Errlectric's QUAD Controller vape intelligently supplies power to only one heater at a time keeping the electrical load even; this exclusive Errlectric® technology prevents excessive power fluctuations on your electrical system.

The QUAD is ideal for events, bars and keeping multiple Errlectric® heater options at the ready without the need to change connections. Order just the controller if you already have Errlectric® heaters, or add the heaters you would like!

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 July, 2021.