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Dr Dabber Switch Bubble Carb Cap

Dr Dabber Switch Bubble Carb Cap




The SWITCH: Bubble Carb Cap is a great entry level alternative to the standard carb cap that comes with the SWITCH.

Giving the user more control over their vapor experience, the Bubble Carb Cap provides directional airflow, allowing for more flexibility in vapor density and production.

Bubble Carb Caps are used to enhance airflow and slosh control without the level of control offered by directional carb caps.

Bubble carb caps are the most popular style these days. Why? Because of what they are used with, which is bucket bangers – primarily flat top quartz bangers, which reign supreme in today’s dabbing world. These carb caps allow you to adjust the directional flow easily, with a simple to operate ball-and-socket mechanism. They make it easy to get as much flavor and potency possible out of low-temperature hits, which makes them particularly appealing.

Quick Pros:

1.Remains the most popular material for carb caps.

2.Offers full flavor.

3.Extremely durable.

4.Easy to clean.

5.Capable of handling high heat applications.

Quick Cons:

1.Can still get damaged pretty easily.

2.Not the strongest when it comes to retaining heat.

Which Carb Cap Will You Choose? 

Quick Tip: 

To keep your new Carb Cap clean, simply clean it after each use with a cotton swab.

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