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Hookah Shisha - Herbal Shisha

Delicious Shisha Flavors For All Hookah Lovers

HookahShisha.org is proud to offer a wide selection of shisha to fill your with. Shisha is pure tobacco that has been saturated in fruit juices, specially flavored molasses, or a combination of the two to give the tobacco a unique flavor. Over the years, shisha manufacturers have perfected the art of creating delicious, rich flavorings for their shisha. Several determining factors go into what makes a certain type of shisha good: flavor, quality of the tobacco cut, how long the shisha lasts during a smoking session, and the thickness and amount of smoke that it produces. Generally shisha that produces billowy, milky clouds of smoke upon exhaling is the shisha that is favored by hookah enthusiasts the world over. HookahShisha.org offers an ever expanding line of shisha products to cater to your preference of brand and flavor. Have questions about which shisha is best? Contact either Chris or Tyler to discuss recommended options and flavor combinations.


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