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Oil Wax Vaporizer Instruction How To: Glass Globe Portable Vapor

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Turn the Viceroy On/Off You can turn the Viceroy on or o by clicking the button (5) times.
Do this slowly enough that the light turns on 5 separate times.
On the 5th time the button will ash letting you know its turning on.
If you press the button when it's o nothing will happen.
To turn it back on slowly press the button (5) times.
1. Screw the Viceroy into the USB charging cord.
2. Plug the charger in to your USB port or wall charger.
3. e light on the charger will change color from red to green when the vaporizer is done charging.
4. Time to full charge will typically be one hour. 1h Charging Your Viceroy WARNING: Do not plug your vaporizer into any USB charger other than the one that came with your kit. USB chargers are NOT interchangeable and the wrong charger can provide too much current and may damage your Viceroy. Replacement chargers are available through our website. Filling the Glass Globe 1. Place your nail, with the base attached, upright on a at surface. In recent kits we have included holes in the removable foam layer (inside the box) to help hold nails upright during lling. Note: If your concentrate is waxy you can simply make a small ball between your ngers and drop it over the center of the heating coil. If it is too sticky to touch use the following instructions. 2. Scrape 0.2-0.3g of oil onto a ll tool or paper clip. Position the ll tool so the oil is directly over the coil in the center of the cartridge. 0.2-0.3g 3. Gently heat the oil with a lighter until it begins to liquefy. Drip 2-3 drops of oil onto the heating coil in the middle of the cartridge. Repeat steps 2- 4 until the heating element is covered in oil. Be careful not to overll the chamber.
5. Slide the Glass Globe back onto the base.
6. Screw the cartridge onto your Viceroy pen. Press and hold the button for approximately 3 seconds. You should see the oil bubbling in the nail and vapor being produced. is means your cartridge is ready for vaping.
7. When starting a freshly lled nail, make sure your rst draw is slow and steady. Slower pus allow the heating element to stay hot and provides a more satisfying experience. Proper Vaping Technique 450

1. Hold the vaporizer vertically or at a 45 degree angle. If you hold the pen horizontally (like a cigarette) your concentrate will drip away from the heating coil, producing less vapor.
2. Hold the button for 2 seconds and then begin inhaling slowly. If you inhale quickly, the heating coil cools down and you will get a smaller puff

Tips and Tricks
When starting to use a nail that was pre-filled and stored you may and that it's clogged. e reason is that the vapor is produced at the bottom of the nail and needs to “bubble up” through the solid layer of concentrate above it. Press and hold the button on your vape and inhale very gently.
If you inhale quickly concentrate will be splattered against the walls of the Globe. Keeping the nail clean will improve taste and nail lifespan.
To clean the nail's heating coil perform a “dry burn”. Press the button on your vaporizer until the coil starts to turn orange and then let it cool down for 4-6 seconds. en do it again. Do this every 2-4 cartridge fills.
Maintenance and Cleaning If concentrate drips on the side of your Viceroy Pen it can be cleaned using a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol. To clean the inside of the glass piece soak it in a mixture of rubbing alcohol and table salt. en shake it. We recommend doing this in a ziplock bag. After you're done, wash the glass under water.
If concentrate spills on your Viceroy Pen you can use a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean it. Occasionally, you can bring a non-functioning nail back to life by soaking it in rubbing alcohol(or vodka) overnight. After removing it from the alcohol turn the cartridge upside down and let it dry atop a paper towel for 24 hours. Do not blow through the nail. Hookah, Vape, E-Liquid, Hookah Pen, Vapor Pen, Shisha, Charcoal, Vape Mod FAQ
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