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If you are new to hookah, or just want a new setup.... this is for you. These are dollar for dollar what we consider the best package. The Filigree hookah is very clean, solid, and good looking. If you go with a smaller, cheaper hookah your run into poorer smoke quality; then with the exotic it is very delicate. The medium glass range is great for 90% of the people that want to smoke hookah, I do recommend the large for those who are more experienced.

Coconara charcoal is outstanding. Insta-lite charcoal has chemicals in them and can ruin the smoke, coconara is made of coconut shells and creates a perfect burn. Know that they are difficult to light, I put them on the stove for about 10 minutes before I move them to the bowl.

There are so many kinds of shisha to pick from, but our favorite is Fantasia. You can try the cheap stuff, but you won't get the accuracy and potency in your flavor the way Fantasia does. What is the point of smoking if it all tastes the same? That is why we pick Fantasia.

If you want one more upgrade, I highly recommend the Vortex bowl; the Vortex is designed so that the shisha remains moist and the flavor lasts so much longer. We didn't include it because you may want to upgrade later.

This set includes:

1 Filigree 2-hose Hookah

1 50g boxes of Fantasia Shisha

1 16 piece Coconara charcoal set

1 Carrying bag

1 Tong

1 Bowl

5 Mouth pieces

This set would sell for around $85 but for this special we are doing it for $72.99

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 03 September, 2009.