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Hookah Instructions

Hookah Setup

1. Fill the glass vase with water so that the metal stem is submerged about an inch into the water.

2. Wet the rubber grommet so that the stem will slide into the vase easily. With the rubber grommet between the stem and the vase, place the stem of the hookah into the glass vase so that it fits snugly and is airtight.

3. Place the metal charcoal tray on top of the hookah stem.

4. Secure the hookah bowl on top of the metal stem with the large rubber stopper.

5. Blow through all of the hoses before each smoking session to clear out any smoke residue.

6. Place the hose or hoses into the stem. Be sure the connection is airtight, use the small rubber stoppers if necessary.

7. Test that the setup is airtight by placing your hand on top of the hookah bowl then sucking in through the hose. The setup is airtight when you feel a slight pull on your hand and you see and hear bubbles inside the glass vase.

8. Loosely ?sprinkle? some shisha into the hookah bowl. Be sure not to pack the bowl too tightly, so that the airflow is not restricted.

9. Cover the hookah bowl with a small piece of aluminum foil and perforate with a pin or similar object. Metal charcoal screens are a quick alternative. Never place hot charcoals directly on shisha.

10. For self-lighting charcoals: Outdoors, hold a charcoal disc with metal tongs and hold over a lighter. The charcoal will spark and smoke for several minutes as it heats. When the charcoal stops sparking, blow on it gently to make it red hot and then carefully place it on top of the covered hookah bowl to one side.

For natural charcoals: Use a heating element to get the coal red hot.

11. Gently press down on the charcoal, while sucking in through the hose. It will take several minutes for the smoke to build up inside the chamber of the glass vase.

12. Relax and enjoy!