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E Cig Liquid - E Hookah Liquid : 12ml : 6 mg 16mg or 24 mg
[ECL-FF Hookah Vapor Liquid Juice]

$8.99  $6.99
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So far I've tried Strawberry Banana Twist, Wildberry Twist, and Sex on the Beach. I cannot recommend Sex on the Beach, I thought it was disgusting, but I see another reviewer was satisfied with it so to each his or her own. The other two flavors are quite similar to one another and both good. Overall, I like the product (and the price!), I've already ordered some more, but the flavors are hits or misses. These liquids are convenient and easy, and overall I appreciate the variety of flavors. And by the way, I stick to the Nicotine-Free.
As a side note, HookahShisha's shipping & customer service is absolutely wonderful :)
Date Added: 12/01/2014 by Emily Long

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