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Royal Hookah Stick 800 Puffs: Quick Pick

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  • By: Danielle pinckney
    I enjoyed this as a first time user. It can overheat and did a couple times but no harm was done. Price was great too.
  • By: Jonathan Arellano
    The taste compared to the imperial hookah pen is not that great, the royal pen over heats and I personally like and think the button control on the imperial brand is better. From not on personally I'm gonna stuck with my imperial hookah pen 200 puffs less but the price is good to me for the quality I am paying for and the consistency of taste I get. This hookah pen did not deliver what I was looking for compared to the imperial hookah pen.
  • By: Brandon Davis
    These pens are awesome they are disposable and u can just get rid of them anywhere
  • By: corey hudson
    good product nice flavor good clouds but dies quick
  • By: Jasmine Heathman
    I have had this hookah stick for three days, and its stopped working. I haven't even smoked it that much, the end doesn't light up, I get no smoke out of it, just nothing.

    I loved the flavor and smoothness of it when it did work but I would like a refund or a new one shipped out or something.
  • By: Jasmine Heathman
    ordered it Thursday, now its Saturday and i still haven't got it. i hope it comes soon, I'll wrtie another review when I actually get it
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)