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Buttonless Vape Pen: Bastone Premio Refillable Hookah Pen
[B-1- Buttonless Vape Pen Vapor]

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  • By: Vivian Leal
    I bought this pen but the chrome design and I love it!!! It looks super nice and the puffs are great. Definitly worth the money and some!!
  • By: Emily Long
    Great product! I'm a beginner, and I think the price and ease of use of this product is likely hard to beat. HookahShisha in general has really fast shipping and great customer service.
  • By: Danny Webster
    This is a great product. I have bought several for myself and friends and we all love them and highly reccommend the Bastone Premio to anyone who vapes and smokes. Wonderful pen
  • By: sherri freer
    Fast shipping, good clouds, long lasting battery life. This product is great for beginners or someone who doesn't want any fuss.
  • By: Colton Gannotti
    I liked this pen in the beginning but the clearo started to burn easily and would'nt pick up as much juice since it is top wicked, it was very fast shipping though and good for beginners.
  • By: Nathan Embray-Gentry
    This is a great product. Very easy to use, smooth on the inhale, and stylish. Only problem I have with it is that it takes strong lungs to get a good intake. Other wise vape on people. :3

    Our Response: Hey Nathan, When initializing the pen it is best to take a quick puff on the pen before inhaling. The Premio does not have a button which means the coil is heated when you begin to inhale, which prevents the burned tasting from happening to your pen, unlike with a button you can turn the coil on prior to inhaling, which is why priming the pen is always best.
  • By: Greg Fletcher
    This thing is great, no more buttons. Just draw like an E-Cig. Thanks Hookah!!
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)