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Black Buttonless Refillable Hookah Pen: Bastone Premio
[B-1-Premio Refillable Vapor Pen]

  • By: Kathryn Bowers
    This pen was well worth the wait! We had been told about it so we ordered as soon as we got the e-mail. Not having to fumble around for the little button is HUGE! The pen looks good and vapes nice. Not a huge cloud but it draws well and is perfect for smoking while driving or doing anything where you don't want to look at your pen and find the button, just pick it up and smoke. I recommend it to anyone looking for a refillable pen.
    The only drawback is the CE5 connects differently from our other pens (3 different brands that all use the same type clearomizer) so you won't be able to interchange them if you like having different flavors and have several tanks.