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Refillable Rechargeable Hookah Stick With Charger: Vapor Pen

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Rechargeable Fill your reusable Hookah Pen with any one of these delicious flavors. Click Here

This refillable hookah pen comes with a CE5 Clearomizer and a Large 650 Mah Battery for an extended battery life and a usb charger.

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If you enjoy the disposable pens you are going to love the refillable. You will get much bigger clouds, its so much more economical and there are more flavors to choose from. The Bastone Mini comes with a CE5 Clearomizer, which is very easy to fill and clean, as well as a 650 mah battery, which last up to 300 charges and about 8 hours with average usage per each full charge. It is a great vapor pen to start off with, especially for the price! Are you loving the new disposable hookah pens but looking for something even more economical? Check out the Refillable Hookah Pens, This Refillable Rechargeable Hookah Pen allows you to buy a hookah liquid for only $7.99 and continue to refill your hookah pen without having to buy new ones. The vapor clouds are large because of the bigger batteries, and the taste is even more explosive! Each liquid bottle is equivalent to about 6-10 hookah pens, depending upon your vaping style (size of puffs, how often you vape, etc).

Rechargeable Resuable Refillable Hookah Pen Shisha Pen Ecig Electronic Hookah 

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