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Bastone Chiaro: Rechargeable Hookah Vapor Pen w/ Free Charger: Shisha Pen

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Looking to enjoy Hookah on the go? This item is for you. Looking to get nicotine without the disgusting cigarette smell? you guessed it, this is for you. No longer have your clothing smell or become burned, your teeth yellow or annoy those around you. For a hookah smoker, the refillable hookah pen is a great choice for those looking for the nicotine-free way to enjoy hookah. For a cigarette smoker looking to quit, using the pen will alleviate all of negative impacts cigarettes have and will also allow for you to use the step down method with slowly lowering the amounts of nicotine , until you are nicotine free! This refillable hookah pen comes with a CE5 Clearomizer and a Large 650 Mah Battery for an extended battery life and a USB charger.

Rechargeable Fill your reusable Hookah Pen with any one of these delicious flavors. Click Here

With this set receive: 1 Battery 1 Clearomizer 1 USB charger What is a Refillable Hookah Pen? Possibly the most economical way of vaping (smoking) there is, with the rechargeable hookah stick you can place whichever Hookah fruit flavor liquid(s) you would like into the clearomizer,(the clear tube atop the battery used to hold and vaporize the liquid placed inside it). Refillable hookah pens are filled with any type of vapor liquid, namely the FDA approved Bastone Hookah Liquid. A bottle of hookah liquid costs as little as $4 and has as much liquid as 8 disposable pens. Instructions do come with the item, however if you would like to look at instructions click here With this unit, the vapor is like smoking a Regular Hookah, with larger volumes of vapor, you will love it, especially when mixing flavors into the cartomizer (clearomizer). Refillable Hookah Pen, Rechargeable Hookah Stick, Reusable Hookah Pen, Rechargeable Shisha Pen, Reusable Hookah Liquid Pen, Refillable Portable Hookah, Rechargeable Vaporizer, Liquid Vaporizers, Wax Vaporizers, Dry Vaporizers, Wax Vape Pen, Dry Vape Clearomizers, Cartomizers, Atomizers, Wax, Oil, Dry, Liquid Vape Mods Vape Pen AccessoriesHookah Liquid, Hookah Juice, Vape Pen Juice, Vapor Pen Liquid Vapor Pen Starter Kits, Hookah Pen Starter Sets Select from the following Hookah Liquid Flavors below. Purchase with your stick and receive a discount on any liquid bottle.
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