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Hookah Setup Instructions: Hookah How To

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Refillable Hookah Pen Instructions Electronic Hookah Portable Vapor Hookah Instructions

Be Sure to Keep Out of Reach from Animals and Children.

For First Time Use:
1. The Vaporizer / Hookah Pen consists of two main parts, the Clearomizer (where the liquid goes) and the battery. You will also have some sort of charger, whether wall or USB Charger.
2. Plug in the charger whether into a USB socket or into the Wall, depending upon which charger you have and screw the battery into the charger (“righty tight, lefty loosey”) .
3. Once plugged in the light on the charger will turn red. Once the light turns green your battery is fully charged. It is recommended however for best usage upon initial charging to allow for a complete 8 hour charge (regardless of how quickly the light on the charger may turn green). Future charges will not take nearly as long.
4. The battery can be turned on or off by rapidly pressing the button 5 times. The button will blink when the device is turned on. Please not your battery will also blink when it needs to be charged, for example if you are pressing on the button holding it down and it blinks, the battery needs charging.
5. Filling your Clearomizer whether CE4, CE5, CE6 : Unscrew the black drip tip , open your vapor liquid, tilt your Clearmoizer and pour your liquid into the Clearmoizer like you'd be pouring champagne.

Recharging your Battery:
1. When you hold down the button to produce vapor and the light simply blinks, your battery needs to be charged. Unscrew the Clearomizer, screw the Battery into the Charging device, plug in the charging device and wait for the light on the charger to turn green.

Power Supply:

1. Input Voltage of the USB home charger is AC 100V-240V 50/60HZ.
2. The input voltage of the USB car / computer charger is 5V.
3. The device has a lifetime span of approximately 300 charging cycles, after which replacing your battery is recommended for optimal usage.
Hookah Smoking Instructions

1. Fill the base with ice cold water until it reaches the neck.
2. Place the base grommet on the top of the base. Tightly insert the center stem into the base.
3. Place the hose grommet onto the end of the hose. Tightly insert the hose into the side socket of the center stem.
4. Snap the tray onto the top.
5. Measure 1½ teaspoons of tobacco. Use your fingers to break up the tobacco as finely as possible.
6. Place the bowl grommet inside the bowl and set it on top of the tray.
7. Evenly place the tobacco into the bowl, packing it lightly.
8. Cover the top of the bowl with its screen and tightly secure it to the tray and center stem. You may also use aluminum foil to cover the bowl – just poke small holes in a circular fashion so the air can escape.
9. Use tongs to hold and light a piece of coal. Position the coal on top of the screen.
10. Take the hose and sit back, relax and enjoy the new chill!

Tips Mark a line on your base so you can easily fill it with the perfect amount of water.
Change your water each time you enjoy your hookah for a smoother experience.
Wanna Make O's?... After taking a pull of some sweet Shisha open your jaw and mouth wide , while cupping your lips around your teeth. Then fold your tounge back on a 90 degree angle pointing towards the middle of the roof of your mouth, slightly breath out and snap your jaw partially closed.
Flying Hookah Bubbles Take a paper towel or toilet paper cardboard roll, fill a cup with water and soap...mix well...dip the cardboard end into the cup of soap, smoke the hookah, the exhale through cardboard roll, squeeze the end to release the bubble. Totally crazy when you're smoking the Mini Night Light!
Customize Your Hookah Smoke The size and amount of holes made in the tinfoil (which is shiny side down) can make your hookah softer(small holes) or heavier(larger holes).