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Hookah Dictionary

Hookah Dictionary

  • Accessory Tray – The circular stainless steel tray you place under the bowl to catch ashes from the charcoal. 

  • Base - Made of either mouth blown glass, pressed glass, stainless steel, or Acrylic Plastic it is the large rounded chamber at the bottom of the hookah. When filled with water, the base serves as a filter to provide a clean and smooth journey into The New Chill.

  • Base Protector- A rubber cover that stabilizes and protects the base.

  • Bowl – The clay bowl placed at the top of the hookah holds the sweet, flavored tobacco and charcoal.

  • Charcoal - The coals that are placed atop the clay bowl to burn the flavored tobacco.

  • Cleaning Kit - A set of brushes used to clean the hookah as often as needed.

  • Filters - use as an extra filter, place it at the tip of your hose to ensure a cleaner smoke.

  • Grommets - Stoppers that prevent smoke from escaping while you enjoy your hookah. The stoppers are placed around the lower stem, inside the hose slot, and over the tip of the stem.

  • Hole Poker -thin stainless steel peg attached to tongs used to make just the right size holes for your tinfoil.

  • Hookah – An enchanting instrument used to experience The New Chill! A hose that runs through its water-filled base is key to enjoying the sweet pleasures of shisha. Invented over 500 years ago in the Middle East, the hookah is commonly used in coffee houses, bars, clubs and parties to fire up The New Chill!

  • Hose - The end of the hose is attached to the hose slot and gathers the magical sweetness of shisha— an exotic mix of tobacco, molasses, honey, sugar and a variety of fruit flavors. Put the tip of the hose to your lips and enjoy these enchanting flavors!

  • Mouthpiece - Made of plastic, this device at the end of the hose attaches simply, allowing for a sanitary enjoyment of your hookah.

  • Nargile - A synonym for hookah.

  • Release Valve - A mechanism on the shaft that lets smoke escape from the base as you blow through the hose.

  • Rubber Stoppers – These airtight, removable pieces keep the hookah clean between uses. The stoppers block moisture and dirt from the hose-insertion holes on the base. they can also be used to convert a multiple hose hookah into a lesser hosed hookah.

  • Screen – stainless steal screen. Tired of punching all those tiny holes into your foil? Save time and aggravation with our reusable screens.

  • Shaft –The main body of the hookah that connects all of the other hookah components. It is long, narrow, and is typically made of stainless steel or brass.

  • Shisha - Exotic mix of tobacco, molasses, honey, and a variety of fruit flavors. When placed in the hookah, these combinations will give hookah users a wide variety of tasty possibilities. 

  • The New Chill - A magical and mystical experience you can only get in HookahTown. 

  • Tongs - An instrument used to easily place shisha on top of the burning coals.

  • Vase - See Base.

  • Water Hookah - See Hookah.