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New Electronic Hookah Coal Bowl E-Coal Bowl



Tired of spending money on charcoals? Hate when you light the coal, get distracted and come back to a dead coal? Sick of dealing with all of the smoke that charcoals produce when lighting them? Well here's some good news... Introducing our new Electronic Hookah Charcoal Bowl. Our new design is better than ever. With the heating coil at the bottom of the bowl you are guaranteed the proper amount of smoke needed. Simply place a sheet of tinfoil on the bottom of the bowl, poke holes , place your shisha inside and you are ready to smoke. Some people place another sheet of tinfoil on top of the bowl and poke a few holes (this will increase the heat of the bowl and cause for larger clouds (you may want to poke holes in the top tinfoil if the smoke becomes too thick. ELECTRICAL Hookah Charcoal, Electric Hookah Charcoal.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 August, 2014.