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X-Stream Synthetic Urine



XStream novelty synthetic urine for the fetish community and as a urine control for calibration of testing equipment.

XStream is designed for both male and female, and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, uric acid, urea, amino acids, protein, and several other urine characteristics.

Smells like urine and foams when shaken!

SINGLE USE ONLY. Once opened and heated must discard after SINGLE use


Before your test, you need to open the XStream Synthetic Urine top and remove the foil seal on the bottle, then microwave the nottle for around 10 seconds. It is very important that XStream Synthetic Urine is between 94-100 degrees when you submit your sample.
Close the top of the XStream Urine bottle and shake well after heating. You should get a temperature strip reading of between 94-100 degrees. If no temperature is visible, but the product feels warm to the touch, you have probably over heated the synthetic urine. Allow the product to cool until a temperature is visible, or the product has cooled to between 94-100 degrees.
Using the included rubber band, attach the hand warmer to your XStream Urine. The hand warmer will supply the XStream Urine with a heat source in order to keep it between 94-100 degrees. While contained in clothing, a hand warmer will keep XStream Urine near 100 degrees for at least 6 hours.
Make sure your XStream Urine is between 94-100 degrees and pour it in to the urine collection cup.

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