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Enhance Your Shisha Enjoyment With Some Great Hookah Accessories

A is not just a pipe, but it is a way of life, this is why there are so many great accessories to enhance your enjoyment. It isn't necessary to replace your entire when you are looking for an upgrade, you can buy all components individually. Whether you are looking for a larger stem, better hoses, or just accessories to go with your you will find them all here, at

Monthly Specials For January

Large Cobra Hookah Hose
Luxurious velvet hookah hose with a unique cobra head mouthpiece. Compatible with large and medium s...
$14.95  $9.99
Save: 33% off
Rubber Hookah Bowl
This is the first ever Rubber Hookah Phunnel Bowl. It will not break and handles heat well. In...
$19.99  $14.99
Save: 25% off

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