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K.I.S.S. Pen 3 in 1 Vaporizer Kit (Oil, Juice & Wax Tanks) - Black

K.I.S.S. Pen 3 in 1 Vaporizer Kit (Oil, Juice & Wax Tanks) - Black

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The VapeBrat Slim Wax Tank has been carefully engineered to provide a quality vaping experience each and every time. The Single Quartz Coil provides sufficient clean power for vaporization of any wax. The Magnet Cap with built-in Filter makes for easy loading and reloading as well as cleaning. The filter prevents guck from getting in your mouth. 

Made from Stainless Steel and Quartz Glass

Adjustable Airflow, and a fully submerged coil, each and every puff is perfectly adjusted per your preference and current environment conditions. The Fully submerged coil allows for 99.99% Juice usage making for more total juice consumption than any other tank on the market, 
now you can fill your VapeBrat Cartridge with our VapeBrat CBD Vape Juice or whatever type of oil you are in the mood for, and hit the road. The 510 Thread connection is sure to fit any battery you may already have. Although as with the the VapeBrat Pre-Filled CBD Cartridges, these do come with a fairly low ohm coil (higher resistance), requiring a battery that is high quality and preferably variable voltage. 

Combining the versatility and power of the KISS pen with the VapeBrat single quartz magnetic wax tank creates the most comfortable customizable and the cleanest vaping experience possible. 

The VapeBrat KISS Pen is the most powerful, versatile, durable slim 510 thread battery on the market.

Fits any 510 thread connection   This is the replacement tank with coil (atomizer) to be used with Oil.

What makes VapeBrat Better?

Components Battery Grades Vary from A to C. Only A+ Batteries are used inside All Vapebrat devices.

Construction The highest quality design and components are meaningless without quality construction. All of our Products are constructed by master craftsmen, in addition to undergoing rigorous quality control, to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible Design All of our products are designed with quality, durability, and user friendliness in mind. Even our Button is designed to function like new from the first use to the day you recycle it.

What Is TruPower Technology?

TruPower tech consists of the highest quality battery and PCB enabling constant and true power to be provided to the tank, no matter the battery life nor the setting that you’re device is on. This allows for consistent output and a rapid heat up time. What does voltage matter? The higher the voltage the higher the output (cloud size). The lower the voltage the lower the output.

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