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Evod & Ego Vape Pen Electronic Vapor Pen How to Instructions

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Free Liquid ($9 Value) with any vapor pen purchase, refillable vape pens start @ only $10. What do the different colors on an evod vape pen mean? Red? Green? Blue? White? Purple? These colors are regarding the voltage being produced by the pen. Buy One Here Buy Evod Vape Pen Online

Rechargeable Hookah Pen Instructions Manual for all CE4 CE5 CE6 CE7 650 Mah, 900 mah, 1100 mah, 1800 Refillable Electronic Cigarette, Hookah Pen, Vapor Pen, Rechargeable Shisha Pens , Ego Pen, Ego T, Ego Vapor, EVOD, hookah pen instructions

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