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E Hookah FAQ: Portable Hookah Stick FAQ Hookah Pen

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Disposable Hookah Pen FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions


    • Can I fix my hookah stick if it breaks? Refillable hookah sticks/refillable e-cigs are more likely to be able to be fixed;depending on the severity of the issue.
    • Are hookah Sticks bad for you? Are Portable Hookah Pens bad for you?

      Answer-  too much of anything is bad for you. It is recommended to rely on the reputable brands as they have the best quality control and only include water and fruit flavoring into their sticks (nicotine into some as well where noted).

    • Are E-hookahs and E-cigs similar to cigarettes? 
      Answer- people smoke cigarettes for the nicotine, hookah sticks and e hookah and ecigs offer the nicotine without the 4,000 other chemicals cigarettes have. Similar to the patch and gum, Hookah Sticks with Nicotine offer the nicotine the smoker craves while also imitating the motion, allowing for the smoker to fulfill their oral fixation.

  • Answer- As of now the best overall hookah sticks is the “Bastone” and in close 2nd “Eshish” as the second public choice.

    Answer: FDA issued warning letters to five distributors of electronic cigarettes for violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).  These violations included unsubstantiated claims and poor manufacturing practices.

    Answer- Taste, in theory the actual devices are the same, the only real difference is typically the taste and nicotine content.

    Answer-  well it depends on the items you typically use to smoke your hookah. If you use hookah tobacco and regular quicklight charcoals, then yes hookah sticks are way healthier being that you take out the tobacco and any affects from the charcoals. If you smoke your hookah with coconut coals and regular tobacco hookah sticks are still better. If you smoke with herbal shisha and regular charcoal hookah sticks are better. If you smoke with vapor stones and coconut coals or the electronic charcoals then it is essentially the same thing because you are vaporizing molasses, no tobacco etc.  

    Answer-  You are the chef!

    Answer-  the clouds of smoke are larger and you are able to mix your own flavors, so many say yes.

    Answer-  too much of anything is bad for you. It is recommended to rely on the reputable brands as they have the best quality control and only include water and fruit flavoring into their sticks (nicotine into some as well where noted).

    Answer-  Please Consult your personal physician

    Answer- no, but if you puff on it like crazy and blow into the smoke alarm while standing on a chair...it will, we tried it :)


    Hookah Stick, Hookah Pen, E Hookah, Portable Hookah Stick, Disposable Hookah Pen FAQ Answers


    What is a Hookah Stick, Hookah Pen, E Hookah, Portable Hookah Stick, Disposable Hookah Pen? 

    Answer- A hookah stick is an electronic water vapor device that comes in different flavors and gives the effect of an ordinary hookah but in a portable form in a shape of a cigarette.

    Why is my hookah stick, hookah pen, e hookah, portable hookah stick BLINKING?

    Answer- When the light is blinking this means the stick is done. Your hookah pen can also blink when you inhale for longer than 5 seconds, this is an auto-shut off to prevent from wasting the liquid. Shop here for your new hookah stick

    Can I get a Reusable, Rechargable Hookah Pen , Refillable Hookah Sticks?  

    Answer- Yes (Click here to view our selection)

    Where can I Buy a Hookah Pen, Hookah Stick, Portable Hookah Stick, EHookah, E-Hookah, Shisha Pen? Right Here Click Here to view our Selection ,online, delis, gas stations, bars/nightclubs, pharmacies, casinos

    Do (Does a) Hookah Sticks, Hookah Pens have Tobacco, Nicotine, or Tar?

    Answer- Hookah Sticks do not have any Tobacco or Tar in them, some Hookah Sticks do contain Nicotine while others are Nicotine Free, be sure to look when buying so you know which you are purchasing. Here are some Nicotine Free Hookah Sticks, and here are some Hookah Sticks with Nicotine.

    What is the legal age to smoke hookah stick? With and without nicotine, Do you have to be 18 to buy a hookah pen? 

    Answer- 18 years old is the standard age in the USA, whether it is with nicotine or nicotine free. A recently passed law in NYC will make the new legal age to purchase tobacco 21 starting in Spring of 2014. This does not impact nicotine free hookah pens such as Bastone Zero. 

    Can I get addicted to hookah sticks/potable e-hookah/e-hookah Hookah Stick, Hookah Pen, Portable Hookah Stick, E Hookah, Disposable Hookah Pen?

    Answer- In theory you can become addicted to anything. Some Hookah sticks contain nicotine some do not. Nicotine can be addictive substance.

      Do Hookah sticks have any harmful chemicals?

    Many high quality hookah sticks, only contain water , fruit flavoring, and Propylene glycol neither of which are harmful, and most definitely           less harmful than the 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes. Some contain Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycol which is made from vegtable oil.


    The acute oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low, and large quantities are required to cause perceptible health damage in humans; propylene glycol is metabolized in the human body intopyruvic acid (a normal part of the glucose-metabolism process, readily converted to energy), acetic acid (handled by ethanol-metabolism), lactic acid (a normal acid generally abundant during digestion),[12] and propionaldehyde (a potentially hazardous substance).[13][14][15]

    Serious toxicity generally occurs only at plasma concentrations over 1 g/L, which requires extremely high intake over a relatively short period of time.[16] It would be nearly impossible to reach toxic levels by consuming foods or supplements, which contain at most 1 g/kg of PG. Cases of propylene glycol poisoning are usually related to either inappropriate intravenous administration or accidental ingestion of large quantities by children.[17] The potential for long-term oral toxicity is also low. In one study, in 1972, 12 rats were provided with feed containing as much as 5% PG in feed over a period of 104 weeks and they showed no apparent ill effects; no data on offspring was offered.[18] Because of its low chronic oral toxicity, propylene glycol was classified by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration as "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive.


      Would it be possible for an electronic cigarette to receive FDA approval?
         Answer:  Yes. FDA issued a letter to the Electronic Cigarette Association inviting electronic cigarette firms to work in cooperation with the agency toward            the goal of assuring that electronic cigarettes sold in the United States are lawfully marketed.  The agency intends to regulate electronic cigarettes and            related products in a manner consistent with its mission of protecting the public health.FDA has not evaluated any e-cigarettes for safety or                              effectiveness. When FDA conducted limited laboratory studies of certain samples, FDA found significant quality issues that indicate that quality control              processes used to manufacture these products are substandard or non-existent. FDA found that cartridges labeled as containing no nicotine contained            nicotine and that three different electronic cigarette cartridges with the same label emitted a markedly different amount of nicotine with each puff.                    Experts have also raised concerns that the marketing of products such as e-cigarettes can increase nicotine addiction among young people and may                lead kids to try other tobacco products.
How many hookah stick flavors hookah pen flavors do they come in?
 Answer Hookah sticks come in a wide variety of flavors which is currently continuously expanding.Jungle Juice, Imperial Mix , Passion Fruit, Sensual          Vanilla, Minty Grape, and Mocha Latte, Peach Mango Paradise, Melon Dew Rush, Strawberry  Margarita, Blueberry Blast, Cherry Splash , Cherry Apple Twist , Chocolate Mint Twist , Farm Fresh Blueberry , Green Apple , Lemon Mint Twist , Lolly Pop  Grape , Minty Breeze , Perfect Peach , Mango , Regular Ecig , Strawberry Kiwi Twist , Summertime Strawberry , Strawberry Peach Twist , Tropical Blast , Vanilla Cake , Watermelon Burst , Watermelon Lemon Twist , Wildberry Twist , Strawberry Banana Twist , Peachy Keen, Bull Energy, Menthol Ice, Extreme Menthol
What is the law regarding where I can smoke a hookah stick, E-cig, portable hookah pen in public places, like in the airport, on an airplane, in a restaraunt on a bus etc? 

Can I smoke a Hookah stick on a plane? Can I/you smoke hookah sticks anywhere I want? Can I smoke a hookah stick/portable pen stick/E-Cig  in a non-smoking restauranAnswer- by law as of now you can smoke a hookah stick, E-cig, portable pen stick anywhere private or in public.  However in private places of business they are allowed to exercise their own discretion of permitting or prohibiting Hookah sticks, E-cigs, portable pen sticks

    Is there a limit to how many hookah sticks I can carry with me when traveling out of the country?

    Answer- No, but you might run into issues with customs that will result in paying duties/taxes.

          Are hookah sticks really a better alternative to smoking cigarettes?
          Answer- For some individuals it can be a great replacement as some do contain nicotine and can give that tinge that cigarettes give. As a person weans of the nicotine they can continue smoking hookah sticks without nicotine.