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Claude Henaux Paris Vape Juice Liquid

Claude HENAUX Paris revisits the classical electronic cigarette and transforms it into a veritable instrument of vapor, thanks to a technology and a unique design "made in France" as well as a craft know-how, calling on art workers embodying the " French excellence. An innovative patented design, which increases both the efficiency, reliability and life span of its creations. The object henceforth keeps and looks. And for a complete vapor solution, it selects the best international liquids, based on natural products and meeting the most stringent standards. The only one to combine innovative technique, original design and great vintages of liquids, Claude Henaux proposes a solution of quality unrivaled on the market of the vapor, of which he wishes to constitute the reference. Engaging his name means for Claude Henaux the guarantee of an optimal quality and a continuous search for perfection for products of the avant-garde.

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