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Travel Portable Hookah(s)

Are you the hookah smoker on the go? Need a good hookah you can bring with you anywhere, and setup quickly and easily? These Portable Hookahs and Travel Hookahs are your calling.

Check these out. All of these Hookahs have either a Hookah Case , Hookah Suitcase , Hookah Mesh Wire Basket, Hookah Metal Wire Basket. Some of which you don't even need to take out of their basket to smoke. Super convenenient. 

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Double Hose Papa Smurf (MYA)

Double Hose Papa Smurf (MYA)

$74.95  $44.95
Save: 40% off


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Bastone Premium 12 mg Nicotine E-Hookah Sticks: 5 Pack: 2500 Puffs
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Bastone Zero Premium Hookah Pens: 500 Puffs :Quick Pick
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Refillable Hookah Pen CE4 Rechargeable Hookah Stick / E-Cig + Liquid (Free Shipping) (eGo)
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$39.95  $29.99
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