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     The team welcomes you to the premier  and shisha store online. is 100% staffed by  and shisha enthusiasts, ensuring the products you purchase are nothing less than top quality – we wouldn’t sell what we wouldn’t personally use, from  and shisha to all of your favorite and essential  accessories. Our store is located here in the U.S. which means that your  and shisha order will ship fast, accurately, and hassle free without costing an arm and a leg in shipping costs. Our low overhead allows us to pass the savings on to you, and with our low price guarantee you’ll find  and shisha at a cost well below that of other  and shisha retailers. At we strive to be more than just a  and shisha retailer, we want to provide a community for other  enthusiasts where you can review products, get the latest news on  and read up on some of the newest shisha flavors to hit the market. Check out our blog for everything  related and make sure to become a fan and add us as a friend on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter to get exclusive deals on  and shisha only available through select online channels. We are your one stop  and shisha shop! The New Portable Hookah Stick is our Newest and Hottest Selling item ever! Check it out. We are the #1 Place to Buy Hookah Pens, Buy Wholesale Hookah SticksDisposable Hookah StickHookah Portable HookahShisha StickEhookahE-Hookah, Eshisha, Hookah PenShisha Pen whatever you would like to call them, Hookah Sticks start as low as $7.99 with Free ShippingE Hookah Wholesale Hookah Pen, Bulk Hookah Sticks package Deals and Hookah Stick Combo Sets are available here. Refillable Hookah Pen, Rechargeable Hookah Stick , Refillable Vapor Liquid , Reusable Hookah Pen,  Hookah Stick, and Refillable Hookah Liquids, Nicotine Free Ecig Liquids, Nicotine Reusable Ecig Liquids, Rechargeable Ecigs, Refillable E-Cig.  Hookah Pens for Sale. Rechargeable Hookah Pen, Vapor Pen, Vape Mods, Refillable Drip Atomizer, Clearomizers . We are putting up new products weekly so please check back to see our stock every so often. Click here to see our Newest Products

Featured Products

Just like your favorite gum, Drippy Fruit is a famous mixture of fruit flavors – lemon, orange, pi...
eGo AIO Complete All-in-One Starter Kit
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Joyetech eGo AIO features the Leak-Resistant Cup technology from the Cubi...
$29.95  $21.95
Save: 27% off
Liquid State Vapors - Apple Butter (30ml)
Sweet Washington apples slow cooked to caramelized perfection and blended with spiced cinnamon. The ...
Sale: $8.99
Save: 10% off

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Enjoy the smooth, rich, creamy taste of your fresh milk with a gentle softnes...
New Electronic Hookah Coal Bowl E-Coal Bowl
Tired of spending money on charcoals? Hate when you light the coal, get distracted and come back t...
$59.99  $49.99
Save: 17% off
Yocan Pandon Quad Wax Pen Kit
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Yocan Pandon Quad Wax Pen is a compact handheld wax vaporizer you can car...
$49.95  $29.95
Save: 40% off

Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen Kit
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PRODUCT FEATURES: Long lasting 1100mAh battery 2X – Quartz Dual Coil fo...
$49.99  $21.95
Save: 56% off
Black Pax 3 Vape Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer
Intelligent, intuitive and instant. A true dual-use portable vaporizer for both loose leaf and extra...
$299.99  $274.99
Save: 8% off
Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vape Pen Kit Wax Concentrates
The New Evolve Plus XL from Yocan, is their biggest and baddest yet. With a quad coil atomizer, adju...
$69.99  $29.99
Save: 57% off

Monthly Specials For June

Mini Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe Goldenfish Pipe for Dry Herb & Tobacco V12 7-Pipe
The Mini Goldenfish pipe, a portable mechanical metal pipe for dry herb / tobacco on the go. It can ...
$39.99  $13.95
Save: 65% off
Ooze Dome Dual Quartz Coil (1 Piece)
Stainless Steel Dome Dual Quartz Glass Coils Wickless-Titanium- Single pack (1 Coil). QUARTZ GLASS c...
$6.95  $3.75
Save: 46% off
Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen: Z Vape
Z Vape is a premium portable vaporizer that conveniently fits in your pocket and delivers pure, clea...
$119.99  $69.95
Save: 42% off

Pure metal tank with an additional airflow button allows a big amount of air through to replace the ...
$24.95  $16.95
Save: 32% off
Bastone: Ooze Slider Sliding Glass Pipe Travel Kit
The Ooze Slider Glass Blunt is the highest quality glass blunt on the market. You can adjust it as ...
$34.95  $19.95
Save: 43% off
Bastone: Atman Mantis Mechanical Pipe Travel Kit
Everything you need in 1 kit! You have the mantis mechanical pipe possibly the best pipe innovation...
$34.95  $27.95
Save: 20% off

Bastone: Mantis Mechanical Pipe w/ Tube Travel Kit
The Ooze Slider Glass Blunt is the highest quality glass blunt on the market. You can adjust it as ...
$44.95  $29.95
Save: 33% off
Bastone: Medium Glass Tobacco Pipe Travel Kit
All you need in one great travel kit. Kit Includes 1 Small Glass Tobacco Pipe 1 Raw Clip...
$24.95  $19.95
Save: 20% off
Bastone: Small Glass Tobacco Pipe Travel Kit
All you need in one great travel kit. Kit Includes 1 Small Glass Tobacco Pipe 1 Raw Clip...
$29.95  $14.95
Save: 50% off

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